Origins of this project

This project was born out of a discussion between two members of the Perl Monks online community. One monk asked the other monk for ideas on a really nifty project that would help him learn Perl and this project was born.

What is it all about?

The vision for this project is two fold:

  1. Produce a database application for recipes and allow those recipes to be incorporated into menus
  2. Produce a report on those meal menus of the nutritional data for folks that for one reason or another have to track such information. For instance diabetics

Some thought is also being given to integrating support for Diabetes Pilot Palm OS application data as well. This would (hopefully) entail populating the foods database on the Palm application as well as importing meal information from it. This remains to be seen however.

Current Project Status

Right now not much has been done on the project. It was backburnered for a while and is now starting to come to the forefront of at least my attention again and some code is starting to be developed for it.

System Requirements

Operating System(s):  
  • Linux

more may be added with the caveats that the requirements below are satisfied


At least version 5.8.0 with the following CPAN modules:

  • XML::SimpleParser
  • DBI
  • DBD::mysql
  • Class::DBI
  • Class::DBI::DATA::Schema
Database:  MySQL

Other databases may be added later

For more information

Go to the project page for more information.